Hi, I'm Pat

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Hello, my fellow New Yorkers,

​My name is Patrick Hahn; most people know me as "Pat". I think it's important to give some background information about myself and some of my life experience. With the hopes that you as a voter will feel confident in making a decision. To stand behind and support me as your representative in the U.S. Senate.

I'm a proud son of a WW II Navy War Veteran. I was raised with Christian values as a pro-life candidate and a free thinker. I'm a lifelong New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, NY. My parents bought a house in Suffolk County and moved us on Long Island in 1960. I have two older brothers, both Suffolk County Residents. Unfortunately, we lost my older brother in 1986.

I graduated West Islip High School in 1973. I was active in school sports and was part of their marching band. During my high school senior year, I worked part time stocking shelves in a department store. After graduation, I worked as a truck driver delivery person, for the local Penny-saver. I applied for a state job and was hired in 1975 working for Pilgrim State Hospital, starting in the housekeeping department. During my tenure, I moved into a supervising position within that department. Later, I took the civil service test and was hired to work Inpatient Direct Care, as a Mental Hygiene Therapy Aide. I also was very active in my CSEA labor Union. Starting as a shop steward then went on to attain a position as a grievance representative, defending union member at grievance hearings. From there, I was elected as their President of local 418. I was elected to CSEA Inc. Board of Director in Albany, representing Long Island. In addition, was elected as a delegate for CSEA and our International Union AFSCME, which gave me the privilege to attend their Union conventions. I was also active and elected to serve on the Human Rights committee which later became affirmative action committee at Pilgrim. During this time, I attended St. Joseph's and Suffolk Community colleges, as a night student part time. Taking specialized courses in Psychology, Early Childhood Development, Fundamentals of Management and Labor Union courses.

I'm conservative minded and consider myself a constitutionalist. I believe in what America was founded under Constitutional Republic, I support our freedoms, liberties and rights under the U.S. Constitution as written by our founding fathers.  I will always stand and respect our American Flag. I fully respect and support all our military and law enforcement, I support law and order and equal justice applied for everyone fairly, I support basic human rights and civil rights, I support the 1964 Civil Rights law. I support Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. position on Civil Rights and his teachings, as he stated, "I have a dream" speech was inspirational to everyone".

I'm a Union member of CSEA/AFSCME Local 1000/ AFL-CIO since 1975 to present. I'm now a member in the Suffolk County CSEA/AFSCME retiree's local.

I bought my first house in Suffolk County which I still live in, at the age of 25. I'm happily married and retired. My wife also works in direct care with special needs people. I'm also a proud father of my son who is a Register Nurse. Like most parents I was very active in my son's school and community sporting programs. Manager for Little League team, Asst. Coach for his soccer team. Was a member of the PTA and booster club. I also volunteered as a chaperon for outdoor actives with his class. Volunteer along with my wife in Boy Scouts. We both founded and opened our own BSA Troop 800 and Cub Scout Pack 800 which we also Incorporated them. I'm the Scoutmaster and my wife is Committee chairperson. Troop 800 is the color guard Troop for the TWA Flight 800 Families Assoc. That was the reason we took the #800. I lost a friend’s daughter on that flight I've known since she was little. She married a dentist in my town I also knew.

My wife and I also care about what happens in our community. So, we both founded and opened our Community Civic Assoc. Incorporated. Which I'm the President of and my wife is Vice President. So that we the residence in the community have a strong voice on the issues that affect us. We are also members of our community Chamber of Commerce, advocating for small business. I'm an NRA member and active with my 2nd Amendment organization S.C.O.P.E. in Suffolk County. I'm also a merit badge counselor for BSA in teaching scouts the safe use and storage of a .22 caliber rifle. I was the President and a range officer of my Gun Club years ago. Enjoyed competitive target shooting and hunting.

I'm also a member of the Knights of Columbus, Ancient Order of Hibernians and Long Island A.B.A.T.E. I'm a strong advocate for motorcycle safety and awareness on the road. Along with support of all our military and disabled veterans.

Now that I have given you some of my personal background information. It's time to now state the reason I'm coming out of retirement, to run for a political office. Along with seeking your support and vote for our campaign for U.S. Congress in 2022. I'm Not a Politian! Just a blue-collard labor Union worker retired. That cares about what is happening in our communities, federal, state and local government.​

I'm a committee member of the Suffolk County Republican club along with my local Eastern Brookhaven Republican club. I was a registered candidate for the 2018, U.S. Senate election. At that time, I was able to get around NYS on our campaign tour and spoke at numerous public events and meetings. We started our grassroots campaign in 2017 and was able to generate a public interest in my candidacy. However, unfortunately we were not able to get the political parties endorsement. Because they had supported their own candidate, they put in. Therefore, our grassroots campaign was unable to mount a successful primary run. We then withdrew and supported their candidate at the time. 

When elected, I will fight to restore our government of the people, by the people and for the people. I will answer to "We the People". Not political parties or special interest groups. I will sponsor and support any bill for term limits. I will defend and protect all our constitutional rights, as written. I will be strongly advocating for federal funding for states to establish long term care faculties. Along with vocational training and out-patient care support programs for drug additions. I'll advocate every year to get needed federal funds for our infrastructure. I will advocate for motorcycle awareness and stronger penalties against vehicle accidents caused by motor vehicles hitting motorcycles. I will seek to get more funding for our disabled veterans and homeless problems in NYS. I will fight for our capitalism democracy not socialism.​

I will also fight for:

      *Our Military

      *Law Enforcement

      *Secure our Borders

      *Small Business


      *Our Nations Sovereignty

      *Protecting Social Security

      *2nd. Amendment

      *Freedom of Speech publicly and on social media 

      *Freedom of Religion 

      *Smaller government with less controls

      *More fiscal responsibility to lower the debt

      *Immigration Reform

      *Labor Unions Rights​


We have a lot of work to do in Washington DC., In protecting the American people and saving our Country from radical Marxist's groups. That are on a power trip and wanting to control the people and take away our freedoms. Our way of life, and liberties founded in our Constitutional Republic are on the verge of collapse. We the People need to elect a strong voice that will push back at these radical groups and defend our constitutional rights. I'm that American patriot voice! That is why I chose to run to represent NYS in Washington DC. I believe in America First and will advocate for needed funds for Infrastructure to fix our roads, bridges, tunnels and railways in NYS. Along with badly needed Federal funds to support our New York State issues.

I hope you now have a better feeling that you know more about me as a person and why I'm asking for your support and vote of confidence.  

"Together we can make a difference”

Thank You! 

​Patrick Hahn for U.S. Congress 2022

(Friends of Pat Hahn)



Equality Meets Opportunity

We the People, deserve better representation in Washington D.C. New York State has only two (2) United States Senators to represent our entire state. Both those Senators are Democrats and for many years, New York has been left behind. Our infrastructure is crumbling away because of our representative’s lack of responsibility to us the people. We lost out on millions of dollars of federal funds for our state. Self-serving career politicians were too busy trying to achieve their own political ambitions. That they failed in their elected duty to us New Yorkers. They have forgotten whom they work for. 

Our most serious problems in NY were not addressed, because all they did was obstruct and resist for any change in government for the people. We have an ongoing problem with drug overdoses and lack of mental health rehabilitation centers for long term care. Among other issues are gang murders and child trafficking.

Recent riots in NYC and throughout our state. Bail Reform creating a revolving door for criminals to continue their rein of crime and threats to public safety. Our law-enforcement are under attack and threats to defund the police departments. The fabric of our society that protects us against criminal elements. That thin blue line from sanity to insanity. We need to protect and support our law-enforcement. Along with weeding out bad cops and holding them accountable for abuse. But the majority of the police are good people and need our support. We need to maintain law and order.

I will work closely through bi-partisan relationships across the political aisles. To get what is needed for all New Yorkers. I will work with the Governor, State and local government leaders to address the issues in those areas. So, I can get the federal support needed to help with any problems. I will also work with our farmers, dairy and agriculture. Along with civic and business organizations as well as with labor Unions. To also address their concerns and issues. I will also meet with NAACP along with Religious leaders to help with any issues they may have. I will always support our great men and women of our military. I will be transparent and have a strong voice for NYS in Washington. D.C.


I stand against this Marxist ideology called critical race theory being taught in our schools. Because it creates racism and violate the Civil Rights act of 1964. Along with a great civil rights leader Martin L. King teachings. Remember his famous "I have a dream" speech. Look at a person for their character, not the color of their skin. I stand against this so called "woke" cancel culture. Another Marxist philosophy to go against our history, culture and religion.  

I will advocate for our seniors, disabled veterans along with our homeless problems in NYC and throughout NYS. We need to make college tuitions more affordable across the board along with better grants. More affordable housing for our younger generation to live in our state.

With your vote of confidence and support we can bring back a government of the people, by the people and for the people.