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Putting My Experience
to Work

My name is Pat Hahn and I'm “Not” a politician

I'm a retired blue-collar union worker from NYS department of mental hygiene. I was born and raised in New York State and have lived here all my life. I was a past CSEA Local 418 President at Pilgrim Psych. Center. I also was elected and served as CSEA Inc. Board of Director in Albany, NY. Served as a delegate of CSEA/AFSCME local 1000 - AFL-CIO. I'm now a member of Suffolk County CSEA Retirees local 920.


Being retired I'm proactive active in my community as a Civic Leader and in Scouting as a volunteer. Supporting our small business and advocating for our seniors and people with special needs. I support voter ID in all elections. I'm a 2nd Amendment activist and support law enforcement, military, pro-life, School choice, Human & Civil Rights, Pro Union, our Constitution Bill of Rights and all amendments as written. I'm a conservative that supports the Rule of Law and smaller government controls. 


Our Freedom of speech, religion and our 2nd Amendment rights are being infringed on. I stand against Socialism and will fight to preserve our freedom and liberties as a Constitutional Republic. Join our campaign and let our voices be heard loud & proud! I will uphold my Oath of Office and defend our constitutional rights. I will always stand proud as a son of a Navy WW II veteran, to respect our US Flag.  I support America's 1st agenda. Buy American, made in America.

As a constitutionalist, I defend our US Constitution as written, because it is the Supreme Law of the land. I was also a candidate for US Senate race in 2018 running as a Republican. This election is on November 8, 2022. The term of office for US Senator is for 6 years. We can't afford another 6 years of Schumer. We the People movement are back stronger and prepared to move our campaign to a victory in 2022. With your help and support we can achieve that WIN! I also support term limits and will push for that bill. It's time for change, New York deserves better.


Let’s stop the status quo career politician Chuck Schumer since 1999 to present. The do-nothing self-serving bureaucrat that forgot he represents NYS in Washington DC. The only time you see him is at election time. Our US Senator in NYS has done nothing during this COVID-19 pandemic, except complain and obstruct. Remember when he voted to shut down the Government. Time for change, Schumer has got to go! I promise to be your strong voice in Washington DC. As your US Senator, I will put NYS 1st. I promise to fight to get the infrastructure money so desperately needed in NYS. Along with support for our badly needed drug and mental health rehabilitation system. I can't do this alone, so I am reaching out for your support and help to win. Together we can make a difference in NYS. Thank you.



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