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My fellow New Yorkers and Long Islanders,

We have placed our U.S. Senate campaign on hold. Because our team has filed legal inquiries with the FEC. As of today, they have not made any decision. Our committee felt this is being purposely dragged out for a decision. They are letting the time run down. We feel strongly that a decision would not be reached by the time the balloting of candidates is certified. Then taking someone off the ballot could not be done. We were pursuing a campaign as a write in candidate because we were treated unfairly by the system. We have reevaluated that effort and have reached a point to seek another opportunity that became available.

It's unfortunate the political wheels of justice are not fair. Our campaign team has worked diligently to achieve a win on this inquire. But the system is working against us.


Therefore, our Friends of Pat Hahn committee and the Hahn Team in agreement with me as a candidate. Have now made a decision to focus seriously a run for the vacant seat in Congressional District One (CD-1). WE are proudly announcing our candidacy for Congress. That now gives us an opportunity to continue our fight for #AmericaFirst and be your loud voice in Congress. To continue the fight for our freedoms against unconstitutional mandates and government overreach. We Back the Blue and our Military. We have a strong following and campaign team. With our popularity as a strong candidate for U.S. Senate. We are known throughout NYS and Long Island. We will win any primary for CD-1 vacant seat. We will bring a win for We the People in the general election on November 8th, 2022.


Our committee is now asking for your help. WE need to get petitions signed so we can officially get on the ballot for the primary in August 2022. Everyone that knows me. Knows I’m one of you that will fight for you rights in Washington D.C.

Please join our new campaign to send Patrick Hahn to Washington. We only have a short window period to get this done which is June 8, 2022. But it is reachable, and our committee feels confident it will be done.

Please Join Us by emailing me at (PatHahn4Suffolk@gmail.com) or call at (631) 874-0531. So, we can get petitions to you. The redistricting line for CD-1 has been modified and court ordered changed. CD-1 is all of the North and South Folks, Riverhead and runs all along the Northshore townships to Oyster Bay. We are asking for Registered Republicans to carry the petitions with help from other people. Let’s work to save America and New York State. Our website Domaine name will remain the same but when opened it will be information about our Congressional Race. Together we can make a difference.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

(Friends of Pat Hahn)   Patrick Hahn for Congress (CD-1)



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